What are contributing factors in the rise of grey divorce?

California divorce law covers couples of all types and ages. As someone in your later years, you may have heard of the term “grey divorce” before. This refers to the act of divorcing later in life, beyond the time in which other couples tend to split.

If you are considering getting a divorce in your retirement years, you are not the only one. In fact, grey divorce is on the rise for reasons that experts are still trying to understand.

Longevity and life focus adds to grey divorce

Forbes examines the reasons behind grey divorce, which has gone through a recent and notable swell in popularity. The reasons range a wide spectrum and cover everything from loss of interest to increased life expectancy. For example, life expectancy before the Baby Boomers was shorter. If you got trapped in a loveless marriage but in your 50s or later, you may resign yourself to it due to age. But people live well into their 80s and 90s these days, meaning you can find love even if the flame cools.

Speaking of, distance is another big reason for grey divorce. After spending years with a partner, you may find that you no longer share the spark that brought you together and cannot rekindle it. You might have dedicated your life to raising your children and once they leave, you do not recognize your partner.

What happens if you let financial tension brew

Financial management is another big issue in the long-term. This can include struggles with debt, spending problems and mismanagement of funds. Over years, the stress stacks up and can drive you to seek a divorce.

Of course, divorce is a deeply personal matter and this list may not cover your reasons. But more often than not, one of these matters will play a role, however slight.

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