Client Success



Property Characterization And Division

  • Successful defense of claims made against client’s separate property stock at trial
  • Prevailed at trial against claim regarding allocation of significant debts in case involving community business

Child Custody, Visitation And Support

  • Successful defense of alienated parent in family law case against false claims of physical and sexual abuse
  • Obtained retroactive modification of child support, resulting in significant increase in the amount of arrears due client, based on inconsistent prior court orders
  • Defense of client in claim for collection of child support arrears, based on fraud by the other parent
  • Co-counsel in case on behalf of client, successfully defeating mother’s request to move the parties’ minor child and change custody
  • Successful litigation of case resulting in the imputation of more than $100,000 in annual income to other parent who was willfully unemployed and an award of substantial support arrears in client’s favor
  • Obtained substantial increase in client’s visitation time with child, in case involving a request for a move-away order

Premarital And Postmarital Agreements

  • Successfully invalidated premarital agreement executed by a client while under duress

Domestic Violence

  • Successful litigation of numerous cases involving domestic violence, both in obtaining restraining orders on behalf of clients and defending clients accused of abuse


  • Multimillion-dollar settlement of personal injury case against multiple defendants, including the employer of defendant drunk driver in San Mateo County
  • Successful mediation of wrongful death cases stemming from Alaska Airlines crash
  • Pretrial settlement of personal injury and death case against intoxicated driver who caused a head-on collision in Sonoma County, orphaning a small child living in a foreign country
  • Settlement of negligence and premises liability claim against local retailer short of filing suit, where customer tripped over improperly placed garment rack
  • Negotiation of at that time the largest settlement ever paid by the City of Palo Alto for premises liability
  • Pretrial settlement of individual’s work-related claim for catastrophic injuries suffered as a result of a gunshot to the head, against employer’s claim of independent contractor status
  • Winning appeal and successful resolution on behalf of individual against Delta Airlines for maintenance of secret list of employees suspected of having HIV


  • Pretrial settlement of defamation and interference claims against local promotional business
  • Early resolution of trade secret and unfair competition claims against small local brokerage company
  • Dismissal of union trusts’ action against local small business for breach of collective bargaining agreement
  • Successful motion for summary judgment and subsequent walk-away settlement of the plaintiff’s wrongful termination claims in defense of Silicon Valley S&P 500 company
  • Resolution of breach of contract dispute between publicly traded international manufacturer of maintenance equipment and local municipality
  • Successful arbitration of complex, multimillion-dollar business dispute, including an award for payment of attorney’s fees incurred by the client
  • Represented shareholder of family-owned company in high-conflict suit alleging that other family members paid themselves excessive compensation and breached their fiduciary duty to her and the company. The case resolved in our client’s favor one month prior to trial with a substantial settlement obtained after multiple mediation sessions.
  • Successful resolution of a shareholder dispute between siblings over control of a multimillion-dollar business


  • Jury verdict exceeding $500,000 against broker in San Mateo County for negligence in real estate transaction that cost the client his business
  • Favorable during-trial settlement of claims by homeowner against contractor who performed substandard work behind schedule
  • Favorable negotiated settlement of landlord-tenant dispute regarding habitability prior to filing of complaint
  • Favorable settlement of multiple claims against individual client, including a claim for possession of local residence based on an oral promise
  • Eviction of tenants in various cases throughout Northern California
  • Successful resolution of multimillion-dollar scam by a real estate broker who invested client’s life savings in subpar real estate to generate excessive fees

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