Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Strategy & Litigation

Lawrence is one of those rare lawyers with a sterling reputation for being trustworthy, credible, and brilliant. As a fellow lawyer, I’ve referred Larry often. Not once in all the years we’ve worked together have I regretted sending a client to him. He always follows through. He always solves the problem. He always delivers value.

~ Marty Collins, fellow attorney & client

Navigating Complex Settlements

After working with several lawyers on my divorce, I knew I found the right one with Lauren. My situation was complicated, and I felt she always had my best interests at heart. Lauren worked hard, advising me when to push for what I wanted and when it wasn’t worth the time, money and effort. She came up with a brilliant plan that made a huge difference in my settlement.

Ending a marriage is an emotional process. At every turn Lauren supported me in so many ways, kicking me in the pants when needed as well as expertly guiding me through the court appearances. In the end, she and Viola Law really delivered. Lauren is intelligent, innovative and passionate about family law. She’s a great lawyer, one that I highly recommend.
~ David B.

Resolving Custody Disputes

After battling the courts and working with other attorneys for several years on child custody and visitation issues, we knew we had the right attorney with Lauren. Our situation is an emotional one; Lauren is empathetic and calm, steering us in the right direction so we can get resolution about our grandchildren. Family law can be very confusing, especially when CPS and the court systems are involved. Lauren patiently explains everything, answering all of our questions and prepping us for our court and mediation appearances. She makes us feel comfortable about the steps involved and what we can expect.

You can tell Lauren is well respected by the judges and other lawyers by the way she is treated in court. We know that we’re well represented; Lauren is always prepared, professional and efficient. Regardless of what craziness is thrown at us in court, she is unflappable, keeping us and the proceedings on track. It’s all about what’s best for the children, and we have every confidence in Lauren and Viola Law.
~ J & D Smith, South San Francisco

Complex Case Involving Family Law & Litigation

Choosing Viola Law was absolutely the best decision. My case was complex, requiring extensive knowledge in family law as well as litigation experience. Lawrence Viola brings that and more. I received support when I needed it, thorough counseling and clear preparation of what to expect throughout the whole trial process.

In court, Lawrence is very confident with the questioning and cross-examination. It was obvious he has a sterling reputation and the respect of judges. During cross-examination, he’s able to think quickly on his feet, and he was prepared for every possible contingency and opportunity.

Kaleigh Walsh was also on my legal team. Her ability to concisely summarize a tremendous amount of documentation and financial statements was amazing. She grasped the details of my case quickly, writing briefs and declarations that succinctly presented my case’s objectives.

I’m grateful to both Lawrence and Kayleigh, as well as all those involved at Viola Law. Their work was instrumental in winning my case.

~ Olga B.

First Victory

Lauren, You are absolutely incredible.  Thank you so much.  This is the first victory I’ve had in this case.  I can’t thank you enough.  I’m speechless.  The tides are turning.  This definitely helps to restore my faith in humanity.  Thank you for being so incredibly good at what you do.  And thank you too, Liz, for all of your hard work and effort.

~ Sincerely, Mike

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