The most common reasons marriages don’t last

Those getting married often believe that their relationships are going to last forever. However, the most recent research indicates that 42% of first marriages will end in divorce. Also, the likelihood of getting a divorce increases with each subsequent marriage. Here are some of the most common reasons why marriages may not last.

Incompatibility between spouses

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common reason for a divorce is the fact that spouses just don’t get along. This could be because they came from different economic or cultural backgrounds and entered the marriage with different expectations of how the relationship would work. It isn’t uncommon for parents who have different religious or cultural beliefs to bicker about what they will teach their children.

Domestic violence within the marriage

Does one person in the marriage constantly reviews the other’s phone call logs or made disparaging comments about their looks? These are indicators of domestic violence. More clear-cut examples include engaging in physical violence or forcing the other to comply with requests for sexual favors.

There is no physical relationship

While couples need to connect on an emotional level to have a successful relationship, they also often need to have a physical connection as well. When spouses start to become resentful of each other or become emotionally distant, this may result in arguments or other problems that are not easily resolved.

Anyone who feels unsafe or unwelcome in their marriage may want to consider their options. If self-help or couples therapy doesn’t work, maybe a divorce is on the horizon.

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