Is it a rough patch or is your marriage over?

Relationships naturally have their ups and downs, but perhaps yours has hit a period where you wonder if things are over. In some cases, the issue may just be a rough patch that will take a little more work than usual to get past. If it is more than that, you may see some telltale signs.

According to Insider, making the decision to end your relationship and seek a divorce should not be an easy one. It is normal to be unsure about it. Here are some questions to answer before you make your decision.

Is there a commitment to work on it?

If you or your spouse lack the commitment to work on the problems in your relationship, then that may be a signal that things are nearing an end. It is difficult to get through issues when you do not both commit to making things better. If one of you feels hesitant about trying to fix things, then perhaps you or your spouse lacks interest in saving the relationship.

Is communication flowing?

Communication is key to keeping your relationship on track. A breakdown in communication may bring about the end of the relationship. If you can no longer talk without arguing, or one of you no longer wants to discuss issues, then salvaging the relationship is probably not possible.

Have you expressed your issues?

To repair communication lines, you both must talk about what is wrong and what you feel. If you have not shared the issues with your spouse, you should try to before you walk away. Give him or her a chance to respond and try to work on it.

If you have done everything you can to save your relationship and there is still no resolution, it is time to learn about your legal options. Don’t just walk away without assessing what you are entitled to.

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