Remarrying? You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Getting remarried is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Starting a new marriage can be a great time for a fresh start, especially if you have already had one end. However, there is also more at stake for people entering second or subsequent marriages. 

That is why prenuptial agreements are so important when you’re getting remarried. The right prenup can protect everything you have already built while giving you and your new spouse a clean slate. Here’s why to consider a prenuptial agreement when you’re preparing to remarry.

Complications of Second Marriages

Most people get married for the first time in their mid-twenties, often to partners they have already lived with for several years. As a result, most people enter their first marriages with relatively few separate assets and comparatively low incomes. They are also unlikely to have children from outside of the relationship.

This is not the case for people getting remarried. The average age for remarriage is about 37 for women and 40 for men. People in their thirties and forties have had time to settle into their careers, accrue significant assets, and have children. These considerations can make entering a second marriage more financially and emotionally fraught. 

For example, many couples getting married again rightfully worry about the risk of a second divorce. They want to protect themselves, their assets, or their children from the impacts of commingling their property with their spouse. That’s where prenuptial agreements can help.

Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements When Remarrying

The complications of getting married at an older age are excellent reasons why to get a prenuptial agreement. Prenups allow you to set the terms for how property will be managed during your marriage and in the worst-case scenario of a future divorce or legal separation. When you’re preparing to remarry, a prenup can help you:

  • Determine whether you will combine any assets with your spouse
  • Keep specific assets separate
  • Protect your children’s inheritance
  • Guard ownership of businesses and intellectual property
  • Set terms for spousal support payments should you end your marriage

In short, a prenuptial agreement allows you to protect everything you have worked so hard to build while enabling you to create a new life with your future spouse. 

Experienced Legal Counsel for Second Marriages

If you’re preparing for a second or subsequent marriage, it’s a good idea to consult with experienced family law attorneys. At Viola Law, P.C., we provide comprehensive legal representation for families, including couples getting remarried. We have years of experience drafting prenuptial agreements for second marriages that account for your unique circumstances. Learn more about why prenuptial contracts benefit you when remarrying by scheduling your consultation with our experienced California family law attorneys today.

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