How Do Celebrities Keep Their Divorces Quiet

Getting a divorce as someone in the public eye can be overwhelming. However, many celebrities keep aspects of their divorces under wraps every day. For example, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen announced their divorce with almost no warning. How do celebrities keep their divorces quiet despite all the attention?

The Importance of Security 

The first question you may ask before filing for dissolution of marriage is simple: “Are divorce records public in California?” 

Yes, legal filings and cases heard by a judge are considered part of the public record. This includes divorces. In most situations, these documents are kept by the county court at which the matter was heard and are available for anyone to access. In addition, court proceedings are open to the public, so anyone may attend. This is obviously a problem for people who want to keep their divorces private.

However, in limited circumstances, it is possible to request that a case be sealed or the courtroom closed. If the information in a suit would put you or your children’s safety and security at risk, you can petition the judge to seal the records and close the courtroom so the public may not access it. Many celebrities do this to keep their personal lives private and to avoid the risk of stalking or harassment. 

This doesn’t extend to your financial information, though. Outside of censoring information such as your Social Security Number, these details will remain available if submitted to the court. So, what can you do to keep your finances private?

Strategies for Maintaining Privacy During Divorce

The most effective way to protect your privacy is to keep information from becoming part of the public record in the first place. While your final divorce decree will be considered public unless it is sealed for your safety, you can still minimize your exposure to scrutiny by working with strategies like:

  • Mediation: During mediation, you will produce a settlement document that the court will use to create your final divorce decree. Information not directly involved in your settlement will not be included, allowing you to retain a higher degree of privacy.
  • Private Judging: When your family law case is heard by a private judge, it does not take place in a standard public courtroom. While these hearings may still be open to the public, holding them elsewhere minimizes the likelihood of random onlookers hearing your case. In addition, the documents submitted to the judge are stored outside the county court system, making it less likely that they will be accessed by members of the public. 
  • Expert Legal Counsel: An experienced attorney will provide you with specific guidance on how to maintain privacy during divorce according to your unique circumstances, such as filing your divorce pseudonymously.

Proven Legal Representation for Private California Divorces

You have the right to protect your privacy, even if you need to file for divorce. At Viola Law Firm, P.C., we have the knowledge and skills to help you pursue your split while keeping your private information secure. Learn more about how an attorney for private divorce can help you by scheduling your consultation today.

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