Tips for recovery after a divorce

While divorce represents a difficult stage in the lives of about 50% of married individuals, some people get through the grieving process fairly quickly. This remains true for people who have wealth and for those who have modest means.

Keeping a few principles in mind could reduce the pain of a marriage separation.

The pain will diminish

Information from Psychology Today stresses that the emotional pain from divorce diminishes for most people over time. In the acute phase, individuals could feel a sense of abandonment and worry that life will never get better. They might find it difficult to concentrate and engage in normal activities.

During this stage, divorced individuals should refrain from resorting to substances such as alcohol or drugs to cope. This could exacerbate and lengthen the bad feelings. On the positive side, individuals should take care to eat healthily, get enough sleep and engage in regular exercise. A support network at this time could alleviate some of the pain.

This stage will pass. For most people, the suffering from a painful divorce will steadily subside with time.

Life will improve

The stages of acceptance, adjustment and healing after divorce often begin to manifest after just a few months. Acceptance allows a sense of calm to return to daily life. Adjustment often finds a divorced person looking forward to new possibilities and perhaps considering a new relationship.

The healing process takes time and people move forward with different levels of speed. Some people find value in journaling, spending more time with a pet or even getting into gardening. Research shows that most people reach the healing stage within a year or two after a divorce.

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