How does someone prepare for a divorce?

Filing for divorce in California represents a significant life-changing step that some individuals cannot avoid. Some marriages are not savable, and abuse or other serious issues may force one partner to seek a dissolution. The other spouse might not realize that their partner wants a divorce until they’re served with papers. When seeking a divorce, a spouse may need to take specific steps before telling a partner.

Steps to take before filing for divorce

Divorce preparation comes with many critical steps to help ensure that the proceedings move forward without unnecessary troubles. Reviewing the couple’s financial situation is among the most vital first steps. In addition, many spouses worry about their mental and physical well-being. Someone exposed to abuse might need to leave home immediately.

Some couples deal with empty-nest syndrome and irreconcilable differences, which may not necessarily force one spouse to leave without delays. Taking additional time to examine their financial issues, such as post-divorce budgeting, tax obligations, and debt responsibilities, could help a spouse deal with fiscal problems when separating.

Performing a review of a credit report may be worthwhile. Did a spouse take out any loans or open accounts jointly without saying anything? A definitive answer to that question may be helpful.

Other issues to consider before divorcing

Working with a financial planner who has experience in divorce cases might help one spouse prepare for an impending divorce. Financial matters may not be the only things worth worrying about as mental health is important, too. Speaking with a therapist could help those struggling with the stress associated with impending decisions.

Proper preparation could make things less stressful and difficult when the time comes to inform a spouse of a desire to divorce. Making preparatory steps an initial priority could pay off by helping an individual know where they stand financially before they file the paperwork.

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