The challenges divorce presents to older adults

Older adults in California who get a divorce may face certain challenges that are specific to their age group. There are both financial and emotional implications for people in this situation.

Financial issues

Adults who are near retirement age, or even past retirement, may be less able to recover from the financial setbacks of divorce than younger people. People who have not worked outside the home for years, or even decades, may have to return to the workforce. Another financial issue that may arise for older adults is that the division of property may be particularly complex. Several years of marriage mean many years for finances to entwine, and the process of dividing them can be difficult.

Emotional issues

Divorce among older adults can present several emotional challenges as well. Some studies have found that people struggle more emotionally after a divorce than following the death of a spouse. Older adults are already at a greater risk for isolation, which can increase following a divorce. A divorce can still be tough for adult children as well even if they are no longer living in the home and have families of their own.

Why older adults divorce

Despite these drawbacks, more older adults are pursuing divorce compared to previous generations because they expect to live longer, healthier lives. Often, the challenges of divorce seem worth it for those who anticipate a more fulfilling life once they end their marriages.

Older adults who are considering getting a divorce may want to consult an attorney to discuss the process and what they can expect from it. This may help them get a more realistic picture of how their financial security will be affected and how they can better prepare for that.

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