5 ways to prepare for divorce while still cohabiting

Are you feeling a strain in your marriage after living in close quarters with your spouse? The longer you spend together in isolation, the more you might consider divorce.

If you fear that your marriage is coming to an end and you still live with your soon-to-be ex, you can still plan for your separation.

1. Gather financial documents.

While you are stuck at home, you can put this time to good use by accessing any stored documents such as retirement account statements, bank statements, investment information or tax returns.

2. Backup screenshots of messages.

Messaging on texting apps and social media accounts often provide important evidence in divorce cases. By backing up or exporting any texts and DMs, you ensure future access to these conversations.

3. Document incidents on a calendar.

If your circumstances involve domestic violence or child custody, it is important that you record any events involving you, your spouse and your children. This includes positive and negative incidents. For example, record which parent attended your children’s medical appointments or school events and activities.

4. Apply for a credit card.

You do not want to be stuck with unexpected expenses or accounts closing because of your divorce. If you do not have one already, apply for your own credit card and save it for a rainy day. Additionally, set aside cash savings if you can.

5. Make a list of resources.

Think about your resources such as your options for legal counsel, your ability to pay for a retainer, what loved ones you could stay with if you needed to and who you could call if you are a victim of domestic violence by your spouse.

Overall, it may feel overwhelming still living with a spouse you no longer want a marriage with, however, you can focus some of your emotional energy into taking steps to prepare for divorce.


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