What are some signs that a couple is headed for divorce?

When you announce that you’re filing for divorce in California, there’s always that one person that claims that they saw it coming. Some signs of divorce are obvious, but other signs can be more subtle. Is it possible to predict that a divorce is on the horizon before the couple makes it official?

What are some signs that a divorce might be coming?

Ultimately, there’s no surefire way to predict that a divorce will take place. Some couples have issues but manage to work it out through counseling. However, there are signs that suggest that a marriage might be beyond repair.

If a couple frequently criticizes each other, it suggests that they hold each other in contempt and have a negative image of each other in their minds. It also implies that they don’t enjoy each other’s company, which can be a sign that divorce is ahead. Similarly, if they talk to each other in a disrespectful way, the couple might not be able to resolve their differences.

A marriage might also be on the rocks if one of the individuals refuses to talk to the other. By that point, they’re not even giving the individual a chance to resolve the situation. They’re simply shutting down altogether–which suggests that they might be ready to dissolve the relationship. If the silence gets worse over time, it might be time to think about filing for divorce.

Do you have to file for divorce when you talk to an attorney?

Talking to an attorney doesn’t mean that your marriage is over. In fact, an attorney might be able to suggest other avenues you can try before you file for divorce. But if you know that your marriage is over, your attorney could help you start planning for your separation.

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