Taking care of your mental health during divorce

Filing for divorce means taking action to change every aspect of your life – permanently. That’s why taking such a step usually feels extremely stressful and overwhelming for most. Admitting that you are no longer happy in your marriage is one thing, but deciding to do something about it is another. It’s courageous to take such a step, and you should make sure to give yourself credit.

However, filing for a divorce is only the beginning. After doing this, you will have to go through the process of dividing assets and coming to a child custody agreement. During these negotiations, it’s likely to be a tumultuous time. You may be feeling guilt, anger, uncertainty and general anxiety about your future. That’s why it’s important that you always prioritize your own mental health. The following are some steps you can take to create positive self-care habits during this difficult time.

Choose an activity that is only for you

It’s likely that you are dividing your time between your job, your children, your divorcing spouse, and the divorce process. Having a hectic schedule that leaves no time for you is a recipe for poor mental health. Try choosing something you enjoy, whether it’s jogging, reading or journaling, and make time to indulge in it for a few hours each week.

Let go of guilt

Those going through a divorce tend to engage in a lot of second-guessing. Even though they have taken definitive action to file for the divorce, they may still wonder if the decision was a selfish one, whether their children will suffer or blame them, or if they will come to regret their decision in years to come. In making your decision, you only made the best decision you could given the circumstances. To be a good partner or a good parent, you need to do what is right for you, and filing for divorce was what you believed was right.

If you are in the midst of a divorce and you are struggling with the process, make sure that you have a good grasp of the law and your options for gaining a successful outcome.

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