How do you plan to handle details of your divorce at work?

You have plenty to keep you busy now that you and your current spouse decided to divorce. Do you know how to address the situation at work?

Fast Company offers tips to help you navigate your marital split at your place of employment. Learn who to tell and what to say.

Your boss

Your life change could impact your work performance in ways that you may not perceive, but your boss may. Let your supervisor know about your split, but do not go into deep detail if you do not want to. Be open about whether you need to take time off to make court dates or meetings with your lawyer.

Your HR department

After telling your boss, head to HR. You likely must adjust your tax withholdings after becoming single again. If you have a retirement account or insurance through your employer, you probably need to fill out new paperwork if you do not want your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to remain on your insurance plan or 401(k).


Depending on how much you financially leaned on your current spouse throughout your marriage, you may struggle to pay bills on your salary alone. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is now the time to ask your boss about a raise or promotion?
  • Will you have to pay alimony or child support as part of the divorce settlement?
  • Does it make financial sense for you to move out of your marital home and into an apartment where you could have an easier time managing your financial obligations?

Even if you are not too worried about taking care of yourself on your salary alone, you may still want to change your professional lifestyle. For instance, if you take a lot of work trips, perhaps you want to cut back to make the most of your custody time with your kids.

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