What issues should I think about before filing for divorce?

For some people, there are no doubts that moving forward with a divorce is necessary. However, others have a lot of uncertainty about their decision to get a divorce and are unsure if this is the right move. Whether someone worries about the financial repercussions of ending their marriage, the potential ways in which it will affect their kids or the uncertainty about if they truly want to end their marriage, it is a difficult decision to make.

If you are on the fence about your divorce, it is important to consider all relevant factors and make the most sensible decision. Here are a things to ponder regarding your circumstances:

  • Current hardships: Are you facing temporary hardships (such as issues at work or health problems?) These can interfere with your ability to focus on the divorce process and deal with stressors.
  • Finances: It is important to think about your current and future financial situation and understand how ending your marriage will affect you in this regard (paying or receiving child support, alimony, etc.).
  • Children: Also, if you are a parent, you have to your children into consideration. Think about their emotions and physical well-being as you head into the process. And, do some thinking about how you want custody and visitation issues to work. (A divorce lawyer can help you figure out your options.)

Waiting for the right time

In some instances, it may be wise to wait a bit before getting divorced. Others may need to seek a divorce as soon as possible regardless of their doubts and other hardships they are working through. Just remember, you don’t have to face this process alone.

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