Are you hurting your child custody case?

In a highly emotional custody battle, if you are like most parents, you want to know how to better your chances of a positive outcome. Is it possible that you could be hurting your own custody battle? 

According to Huffington Post, there are some tell-tale signs that you are hurting your custody case. 

Are you silent? 

Be careful if you find yourself wallowing in anxiety or allowing your stress to build up. The impact of the stress will find an outlet and in turn, you may look less stable. Your children rely on you to be mentally stable during a custody battle. Do not stay quiet about your fears and if you do not understand the custody process, do not sit on those thoughts without finding answers. 

Are you lying? 

It might seem harmless to embellish the facts to boost yourself. But, in court, even a small lie is still a lie. The judge is likely to see through your lies and if this happens, you may lose all credibility for the duration of the case. Be honest, even if you do not think the truth is going to help your case. 

Are you violating orders? 

Sometimes, the court will enforce an order that you do not agree with. Maybe the judge orders a temporary change to your parenting plan that feels unfair. No matter how unfair it is, you want to follow every order to the letter. The judge is going to remember the person who did not follow his or her orders. This could hurt your case because of how the judge views you. 

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