How to help your children deal with divorce

Divorce is a stressful event for both you and your children. As a caring parent, you want to do everything in your power to lessen the impact it will have on your kids. They often have trouble expressing themselves which can make it difficult for a parent to help identify exactly how they’re feeling or what is bothering them.

Each child will react to divorce uniquely, and it is impossible how to tell how well they will handle your separation before it happens. Parents should be ready for the unexpected and proceed with love and understanding.

Helping kids deal with divorce

Even though you cannot predict how your child will feel throughout the divorce process, there are certain things you can do as a parent to help them. Here are three ways you can help your child deal with the situation:

  1. Express your love for them: Children can get the impression that they played a part in your separation and may feel like a parent loves them less than they did before. Make sure that you are reminding them how much you love and care for them regularly.
  2. Keep discussions with your former spouse civil: You may not be on the best terms with your ex-partner, but for the sake of your child it’s important to make sure any communication between the two of you in front of them doesn’t get out of hand. It could hurt your child emotionally to see two people they love dearly fighting.
  3. Ask how they’re feeling: If you’re trying to help your child, encourage them to share their feelings with you so that you have a better idea of how to assist them. By having a clear line of communication with them you can correct any misconceptions that they have.

Divorce may not be easy for kids, but with support they will be able to adjust to a new family dynamic. Keep these three things in mind and you will be able to help them through it.

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