How to approach property division in a California divorce

Divorce is more than just a legal process to separate the lives of a married couple. For many people in California it is also an emotional journey, which can make addressing things like property division difficult. From angry exes to questionable information about assets, here are a few things that can help make the divorce process better.

One of the best things anyone can do when heading into property division is to decide to be reasonable and ready to compromise when necessary. This does not mean a person needs to lie down and let his or her ex make all of the decisions about who gets to keep what, but it does mean that he or she should consider what is really important and let go of what is not. When both parties are willing to compromise, divorce is generally faster and more agreeable.

However, it is difficult to navigate property division without a full picture of what is at stake. It is important that both parties fully disclose all of their property and assets, even those that are considered separate and not up for division. Failing to fully disclose everything can come off as financial deception, and a court can even throw out a divorce agreement over such matters.

Divorcees should also do their best to not make unnecessary changes to their property before or during a divorce. Giving an asset to a friend or family member to keep it out of division is actually a form of hiding assets and can lead to trouble. It is not uncommon for people who suspect their ex of hiding assets to go back to court over the matter, which can lead to further legal expenses and time-consuming trips to court.

Property division does not have to be the breaking point of divorce that it is often portrayed as. Indeed, many couples in California successfully traverse this process without any major incidents. However, it is generally a good idea to speak with an experienced family law attorney before trying to untangle years of marital property.

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