Bethenny Frankel seeks modification of current child custody plan

Divorcing parents in California often strive to find the right balance for their children after divorce. This is increasingly resembling joint and shared custody situations, though these forms of child custody are not appropriate for everyone. In some cases, maintaining a primary caretaker with the other parent taking on more limited parenting time is a better solution. However, television personality Bethenny Frankel does not believe that any of these options are best for her children.

Frankel and her ex, Jason Hoppy, have been dealing with a drawn-out divorce and battle over custody of their 8-year-old daughter. The parents recently showed up in court again, with Frankel requesting full custody for her daughter. According to her, Hoppy has a history of abusive behavior toward Frankel, which negatively impacted the young girl.

Among her complaints were allegations that he routinely physically pulled their daughter away from her. He also supposedly left out negative articles about Frankel so that their daughter could easily find and read them. She also accused her ex of locking up her dog in a closet. However, Hoppy claims that he has remorse for his actions in the past and is simply trying to move forward with his life. He would like to maintain the current joint custody plan that he and Frankel have.

In some situations, it is necessary to modify an existing child custody agreement. However, California courts generally do not take these requests lightly, especially if it involves limiting access to a parent who has otherwise been actively involved. Parents who hope to modify their agreement to gain more custody should be prepared to demonstrate why this move would be in the child’s best interests.

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