Are you worried about divorce after 50?

Health care later in life is a serious concern for most people in California. While most do their best to prepare, unforeseen circumstances can impact a person’s access to health care, retirement benefits and more. Divorce is just one such situation which might alter a person’s ability to maintain his or her expected standards of living. However, most people have options to address these concerns and preserve their access to these and other essential supports during retirement.

When a person is covered by health insurance through his or her spouse’s employer, divorce can be an understandably concerning matter. Once the divorce is finalized, the person not employed by the company will have his or her coverage immediately terminated. Health insurance coverage is particularly important for those over the age of 50, as many serious or chronic medical conditions tend to present later in life.

Retirement is another significant concern, both for those who have worked and those who have not. In general, a person who has worked diligently and put away money for retirement might be less than pleased to have to share those funds. On the other hand, a person who did not work was still counting on those retirement funds. If the retirement money was saved while the two were married, then it is generally counted as marital property and has to be divided. However, an amount that was sufficient for supporting two people in a single household might not stretch as far when it must be split and used to support two separate households.

Those who are over the age of 50 face unique concerns during divorce. California residents should consider researching their options for health insurance coverage, retirement benefits and more before finalizing their divorce. This is an understandably overwhelming process that can sometimes be made easier under the careful guidance of an experienced attorney.

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