Co-parenting after child custody and divorce.

The end of a marriage takes its toll on everyone involved. Some stay married for the sake of their children, hanging onto the idea of a perfect family. Other couples often try to maintain a sense of normalcy for their children after a long, drawn-out divorce and child custody battle. In California and other states, couples are trying different ways to parent their children together.

Today, parents are trying everything they can to become the friendly ex. They are trying to create a sense of family for the sake of their kids. Being in a co-parenting relationship means the parents’ children will grow up with both mom and dad co-parenting as a team. There will be separate holidays, two separate households and calendars to keep track of visitations and vacations. The children’s childhoods will be spent being parented by the two people who love them most.

There is no downtime as a parent. On days off, parents put their best foots forward, smile and fill out calendars. There are a number of emotional challenges facing parents in these situations, and most find a way to move forward and make things work because they know it is in the best interest of their children.

Some people feel that co-parenting and child custody are two of the hardest elements for parents to agree on. In California and elsewhere, exes who stay best friends is not a reality for most divorced parents. Parents who are struggling with co-parenting issues may benefit from consulting with a seasoned child custody attorney. A lawyer can help them navigate the transition from married couple to single parents.

Source:, “Raising My Son With My Ex-Husband Is the Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done”, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez:, March 5, 2018

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