Alimony versus manimony

Studies show that over the past ten years more and more women are in powerful positions in the workforce and are earning more money than men. Because of this surge in their careers, some women are also paying out huge amounts of alimony to former husbands. In California and other states, serious money deemed “manimony” is being raked in by ex-husbands.

Many women who have a demanding, yet rewarding, careers are still doing the lion’s share of parenting and household chores as opposed to their husbands. They balk at the thought of handing over large sums of money to their exes in support every month. Most feel it is not their responsibility to sustain the lifestyle of an able-bodied man after their marriage has ended.

Alimony dates back as far as the 18th century, where a woman could become divorced if she returned her dowry. Early on, a woman rarely worked outside the home, and many did not own property. Alimony was devised as a way for a woman to support herself if her husband left her. Today, 40 percent of breadwinners in households with children are women, and as of 2010, a scant three percent of men received some type of spousal support or alimony.

Divorce can be a difficult and challenging process, even for those who initiate it. In California, divorcing spouses can request alimony, and it will be up to a court to determine if it is awarded and how much will be paid. Those who have questions about the divorce process or alimony may contact an experienced attorney who can provide answers and guidance.

Source:, “What Is “Manimony” and How Does It Affect Women?”, Rose Emery, March 16, 2018

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