“Flip or Flop” hosts battle for alimony

Since last December, fans of the HGTV series “Flip or Flop” have followed the saga of the show’s hosts, Tarek and Christina El Moussa. During the Christmas holidays, watchers of the home improvement reality show were shocked to hear of marital discord and possible domestic violence when police came to the couple’s posh California home to quell a disturbance. No charges were filed, but fans waited to learn if the couple would divorce and what agreements they might reach regarding asset division and alimony.

Originally, Tarek filed for divorce and petitioned for alimony from his wife. While he agreed to sharing both physical and legal custody of the couple’s two small children, Tarek wanted the court to terminate his wife’s legal right to seek alimony from him. A month later, Tarek admitted that he never wanted alimony from Christina, but he had requested it as a matter of course.

This past week, Christina filed her own petition for divorce. Her petition also included a request for alimony from Tarek, as well as an appeal that her husband cover her attorney fees. Rather than working through a settlement with Tarek, Christina has asked the court to assess the value of their marital property.

While it may seem that alimony would be unnecessary to someone who lives a lifestyle like Tarek or Christina El Moussa, divorcing spouses in California have the right to request spousal support, whether temporary or post-divorce. The courts will consider many factors before determining if support will be granted and, if so, how much. Those seeking alimony have the right to representation from an attorney who will advocate for their best interests.

Source: etonline.com, “Christina El Moussa Requests Spousal Support From Tarek in Response to Divorce Petition”, Jackie Willis, Aug. 15, 2017

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