Child custody in California can be made good for kids

When parents in California decide to end their marriage, they often have concerns about how such a decision will affect their children. In fact, in most cases where there are kids involved, issues such as child custody and child support are at the top of the minds of the soon-to-be ex-spouses. One report notes that the effort to make it easier for kids can lead to the use of many new ideas about where the kids live.

Traditionally, in California, when parents decide to divorce, there is an arrangement made for child custody. In most cases, the children live primarily with one parent and then have visitations with the other. This usually means that the child moves each week from one parent to the other. 

A new trend in child custody is called nesting. The concept is that the children remain in the family home during and after a couple divorces. Then, the child custody arrangement is such that the parents move in and out of the home each week leaving the child to remain in a familiar and comfortable space. The hope is that such a plan can lessen the emotional impact of a divorce on a child.

A child psychologist, however, notes that kids are not only adaptable but need to go through the grieving process at the time of a divorce. Going through this process and having a more traditional child custody agreement can help kids in California and elsewhere grow comfortable in their new normal. Regardless of what type of arrangement is agreed to, it is most often the case that parents choose based on what they believe is best for their kids.

Source:, “‘Nesting’: Letting the kids stay in the home while the divorcing parents move in and out”, Fiona Tapp, July 30, 2017

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