Property division an important issue in California divorces

Readers in California may be interested to learn about the divorce filed by former U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., against his estranged wife. The couple has been married since the early 1990s. Recently, they attempted court-ordered mediation to determine issues such as property division and child related matters, but that effort appears to have failed.

The couple, who were both convicted of felonies for campaign fund-related crimes, have two children. In addition, they have property, debts and assets to divide as a part of their divorce. As is the case for many in California, they were ordered to work with a mediator before proceeding through the court process to end their marriage. They were required to mediate for a minimum of four hours.

The mediator was entrusted with the task of helping the couple determine how they wished to handle property division and child support and custody. Since that effort failed, the couple now have a preliminary hearing in the court scheduled for early December. However, negotiations will likely continue during the time before the hearing.

Continuing to negotiate property division and child matters while awaiting a hearing is common in California and other states. In fact, most divorces are finalized without going to trial, a recent report noted. This can save time and money for the couple ending their marriage, especially when they decide to use the help of experienced professionals who can guide them through the process and make it easier and more satisfying for those involved in this often-stressful process.

Source:, “Ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson divorce trial date set after ‘mediation was not successful'”, Katherine Skiba, July 25, 2017

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