Child custody case in California adds an additional parent

When a couple in California decides to end their relationship, they may also have to decide about the future of their children if there are any in the family. Parents must decide which of the soon-to-be former spouses will have primary child custody. This decision can become an even more complicated when there are three parents involved.

Parents in California can sue for child custody, even in cases where there are three parents. This is due to a bill passed in 2013 that made law that a child can legally have more than two parents. This is was the subject of a recent case where a third parent was granted rights.

In that case, the child was being raised by all three parents and was adopted under the law. However, there are many other cases where the parents are divided about the care of the child. When that is the case, regardless if there are two or three parents, they must either work to make a decision or have the courts choose who has primary child custody.

In California, when a parent finds that he or she needs to fight for child custody at the end of a relationship, he or she often finds that it is helpful to seek the advice of a professional. Such advice can include a review of the relevant law that applies to the situation. If child custody is the issue, the professional will be able to assist the parent to ensure that the end result is what is in the best interest of the child.

Source:, “Modern family: More courts allowing 3 parents of 1 child”, Jennifer Peltz, June 18, 2017

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