Why Do Women File for Divorce More Often?

Wives are more than twice as likely to file for divorce compared to husbands, according to a 2015 study presented by the American Sociological Association. However, the study found no significant difference between genders regarding non-marital breakups. This supports a longstanding trend: women are more likely to end marriages than their male partners.

But why? That’s an excellent question. Let’s explore three of the most important factors that may skew the divorce statistics. 

1. Gender Roles and Expectations

Gender roles continue to evolve in modern society, but there’s still a long way to go. One of the ongoing struggles many women face is the “triple burden,” where they are expected to care for their children, care for the household, and maintain a job. Statistically, women are about twice as likely to be solely responsible for cleaning, cooking, laundry, and other basic tasks. 

The triple burden is often “invisible” to men, who often do not realize the extent of the work their spouses take on. This is a primary reason married women report lower relationship quality on average than married men and is likely a substantial factor in the gender gap in divorce filings. 

2. Risk of Domestic Violence

While anyone may commit or experience domestic abuse, women are likelier to experience abuse within a relationship. There are also more resources aimed toward women escaping abusive marriages than there are gender-neutral or male-oriented services. In other words, wives are more often the victims of marital violence and have more opportunities to escape it through divorce, contributing to the imbalanced filing rate. 

3. Financial Independence

The gender pay gap continues to shrink slowly but surely. As protections for pregnant employees increase and remote work becomes the norm, it is increasingly easy for women to support themselves and their children without the help of a spouse. As such, it appears women are more comfortable divorcing their spouses for reasons other than dangerous domestic abuse since they won’t be trapped in poverty. 

Preparing to File for Divorce in California

Whether your spouse is abusive, neglectful, or you just don’t want to be married anymore, you’re not alone. Thousands of women file for divorce in California every month. You can prepare to end your marriage by talking to the knowledgeable divorce attorneys at the Viola Law Firm P.C. 

Our skilled team has decades of experience representing Bay Area clients in complex divorces and child custody disputes. We can help you understand your options and collect the information you need to achieve a smooth divorce. Schedule your consultation with our San Mateo family law firm to learn more about how we can help you end your marriage. 

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