These professions have the highest divorce rates

California marriages end for many different reasons, and research shows that the field in which you work plays a role in how likely your marriage is to end in divorce. Some industries have high divorce rates for both males and females who work in them, while others see higher divorce rates among men, or among women.

Per LendingTree, you are statistically more at risk for a divorce if you make your living in one of the following fields or professions.

The military

The average rate of divorce among those who are in the military is 3.09%. If you are a female member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you are even more at risk, because the divorce rate among women in the military is 4.54%. For men in military roles, the divorce rate is 2.9%. Some attribute the high rate of divorce among military members to the fact that military families often face enhanced stresses, such as moves or stints overseas, that may test a marriage.

Health care support

Divorce rates are also high among professionals who work in health care support roles. This includes medical assistants, home health aides and individuals who work in similar health care capacities. The divorce rate among these workers is 2.65%. Home health aides, in particular, are prone to divorce, with the divorce rate among both men and women in the profession holding steady at 2.87%.

While workers in some professions are more prone to divorce than those in others, industry alone is not enough to give you a sense of whether your marriage is going to end in divorce. Many other factors, such as the age at which you married, also help determine how likely your marriage is to go the distance.

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