Divorce Day: When People Are Most Likely to Get Divorced

There’s a famous quote from one of Tolstoy’s novels: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” However, that’s not as true as it may seem. For example, there’s a well-known trend in legal circles where couples overwhelmingly choose to file for divorce at about the same time.

This so-called “Divorce Day” sees a statistically significant increase in splits compared to any other day of the year. Here’s when that Divorce Day usually falls and when to expect it this year.

Why People Are More Likely to Get Divorced on Certain Dates

Obviously, every marriage is a unique combination of two people. However, marriages exist in a greater cultural context. As a result, many failing marriages tip over the edge at the same time due to wider societal stresses. For example, it’s common to see waves of divorces after things like:

  • Major holidays: Celebrations like Thanksgiving and Christmas can be stressful, even in happy relationships. A struggling couple may decide to throw in the towel after failing to negotiate things like family time during these holidays. Similarly, Valentine’s Day can spotlight things that each party isn’t getting from their spouse, and New Year’s Day can encourage people to think about ending their relationship to make the new year better.
  • Semester breaks: Couples with children may wait until the end of a semester to file for divorce to give their kids some time to process their split without impacting their academic performance.
  • Tax season: Money is one of the major causes of arguments in most marriages. Paying taxes ramps that up and may encourage people to reevaluate their relationships permanently.

The Divorce Date Is Changing

Most years, people are most likely to file for a divorce in the first year of January. It’s after the major holidays, during a break in the school year, and it’s right when tax documents start to come out.

However, this year it looks like things may be a little different. According to experts, the new Divorce Date looks like it will take place in April. This may have several causes. First and foremost, April is the end of tax season. By waiting until the end of tax filing season, couples may be able to reduce the hassle of finalizing this financial obligation.

Another reason why more divorces may happen in April comes from the UK. The country is permitting no-fault divorces in April of this year for the first time. International couples may find it easier than ever before to get a split if they wait until April.

Don’t Wait for the Right Day to Divorce

While it’s more common for people to file for a split on certain days, you don’t need to wait. If your marriage is on its way out, it’s better to end things sooner rather than later. You can reach out to the experienced divorce attorneys at Viola Law, P.C., to discuss your situation and learn how to end your marriage as efficiently as possible.

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