Why Sean Penn Is Hiring a Private Judge for His Divorce

Movie star Sean Penn is in the midst of divorcing his estranged wife, Leila George. The couple has taken the increasingly common step of choosing a private judge to handle their split. The two have been on and off again for a while, and their marriage only lasted 15 months. The choice of venue is likely a bid for speed and privacy, intended to help Penn and George end their marriage as quickly as possible.

Private judges aren’t only for the famous, though. California allows people to hire temporary private judges for cases like divorce because it helps free up the overburdened court system. Anyone who has the means can hire a private judge to expedite civil cases, as long as both parties agree.

But why go through the effort of finding a private judge? There are many benefits to stepping away from the public courts. Some of the most valuable of these include:

Fewer Delays

When you go through a public court, you’re at the mercy of their schedule. You have to wait until there’s a date and time free that works for you, your spouse, and the courts. Especially in busy jurisdictions, this might mean you have to wait months between hearings, causing your divorce to drag on.

Penn has likely chosen to work with a private judge to avoid those delays. Since they aren’t obliged to hear a full docket every day, they’ll have more flexibility in scheduling hearings. You can do the same to move through the process at your own pace.

More Attention to Your Case

Another benefit of staying out of the public courts is the extra attention to detail you’ll receive. Public courts are so busy that the person presiding over your divorce may not give it the time and attention required to reach a fair conclusion. Penn and George’s choice has guaranteed that they’re working with someone who can make the effort to ensure an equitable result.

More Privacy

Anything entered into a case heard in a standard court is a matter of public record. That means that all your financial records will automatically be available for anyone to read. Furthermore, if your divorce is contentious, any evidence your spouse submits regarding your behavior will also be accessible to the world.

On the other hand, a private judge doesn’t do any of that. While evidence, financial records, and testimony are recorded, they aren’t posted for the world to see. If you like to keep some things to yourself, choosing your own judge can help you do that.

Explore the Benefits of Private Judges for Your Divorce

There’s a reason so many celebrities like Sean Penn choose to work with a private judge when they split. It’s simpler, easier, and less public, especially for people with high net worths.

Anyone who prefers to keep their finances to themselves can benefit from working with a private judge during their split. You can learn more about the process of getting a unpublicized divorce by scheduling your consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer today.

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