Do you know these co-parent communication tips?

As part of your divorce, you and your former partner must share custody of your children. Communication between you and the other parent soured during your legal proceedings, and you may not know how to talk to him or her.

HelpGuide offers communication tips for co-parents. Learn how to use your words and actions to give your shared children a great post-divorce life.

View the other parent as a co-worker

If animosity lingers between you and the other parent, it could help to view him or her as a co-worker rather than a co-parent. Communicate with your ex with the same professional business tone you use at work.

Listen and hear

When you speak, you expect the other person to listen and hear what you say. The same applies to the other parent. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by opening your ears and hearing what your former spouse says. Even if the two of you do not agree, listening allows you to better understand your co-parent’s perspective.

Use requests rather than statements

Your ex-spouse could misinterpret your statements as demands, which may cause conflict. Frame requests by starting them with, “Could we try…” or “How do you feel about…” Requests communicate your desires clearly without them coming across as aggressive.

Focus on your children

With every email, text message and phone call to the other parent, keep the focus on your children. While you and your ex both have needs, prioritize your children’s needs instead.

Proper communication becomes essential to give your shared children everything they need and deserve. With the right communication strategy, you set your children and yourself up for success.

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