Angelina Jolie’s Allegations of Abuse: How They’re Affecting the Jolie-Pitt Divorce

Angelina Jolie has just gone public about her fears for herself and her family during her marriage to Brad Pitt.

Recently, Jolie stated in an interview that “It took a lot for me to be in a position where I felt I had to separate from the father of my children,” implying that there was significant abuse occurring behind the scenes. She also made it clear that she was afraid for her “whole family” during her marriage to Pitt.

This follows a messy five-year separation process during which Jolie has been fighting for full custody of the couple’s shared children for the past five years and alleging child abuse on the part of Pitt. These types of allegations can have a significant effect on the safety of a divorce. Keep reading to learn how Jolie’s allegations could affect their split and why it’s so important to stay safe if you’re planning on splitting from an abusive spouse.

The Allegations Against Brad Pitt

Jolie’s allegations against Pitt have largely remained private, but some court documents were release that show the primary claim is of child abuse. She first filed for divorce after an alleged altercation between Pitt and the couple’s oldest child, which she used as evidence of abuse.

Since then, Jolie has fought to have their children’s testimony included in the custody hearings, implying that they will testify against Pitt. In the meantime, her abuse allegations have led her children to be kept under close watch. When child abuse allegations are brought up in custody battles, courts and Child Protective Services alike are alerted to monitor the children’s conditions. That’s just one way in which abuse allegations can affect the safety of a separation.

The Importance of Staying Safe During Abusive Divorces

It’s an unfortunate fact that abusers don’t want to lose control over the people they harm. While Angelina Jolie has the resources to stay safe despite her accusations against Brad Pitt, not everyone does. People who want to leave an abusive spouse need to take action to keep safe during their split, or they risk putting themselves and their children in more danger.

According to statistics, when someone leaves an abusive relationship and the weeks and months afterward have a higher risk of violence than remaining in the relationship.

However, it’s just as clear that it’s safer to leave an abusive partner than to stay with them. Abusers tend to escalate their behavior over time. People who leave abusive relationships have a higher quality of life, more freedom, and the opportunity to enter new, healthy relationships.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get out, you can get help to leave. In fact, making a claim against your abuser in court can actually help you stay safer during the whole process.

In California, you can receive an ex parte restraining order against your spouse if you believe they’ll try to hurt you. You can petition for an ex parte order, then serve divorce papers at the same time. This can help you keep your abuser out of your shared home and get access to the funds you need to support yourself during the divorce.

Leaving Is Still Safer than Staying

Jolie has been extremely brave by making her allegations against Pitt public and fighting for her children. She is doing her best to keep herself and her family safe from someone she believes will harm them. You can do the same by getting in touch with an experienced attorney. They can help you file for restraining orders, divorces, and custody of your children. Reclaim your life today by safely ending your abusive relationship.

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