Hiding marital assets during a divorce happens a lot

When some California couples decide to get divorced, things don’t always go amicably. When spouses are dealing with a large amount of anger or resentment, it makes them more likely to be dishonest during divorce proceedings. One of the main things that these individuals will do is to try and hide marital assets so that they can retain full ownership of them afterward.

There are typically four main objectives

Spouses who are likely to hide assets during a divorce typically do so for one of four main reasons. First, they try to hide or undervalue certain assets. Second, they try to overstate the amount of debt. Third, they report income or revenue that is lower than the actual funds received. Fourth, they will report expenses as higher than they actually were. Each one of these reasons can be used in specific divorce situations to help ensure that one party walks away with more assets than the other.

Always find the document trail

Asset division is a sour topic for many angry spouses. Some will go to great lengths to help position themselves in a better financial state than their spouse. If your estranged spouse is exhibiting spiteful behavior, it should be a key indication that you need to pay close attention to the assets that are listed. Never take their word for it that they will handle selling off assets or that there are debts that you were unaware of. Always take the time to go back and get the financial documentation to ensure that what your spouse is telling you is actually correct.

If your divorce is not proceeding in an amicable fashion, it’s important that you take the time to look out for your own financial future. While it might be easy to believe what your spouse says at first word, you should avoid doing so regarding the topic of marital assets and their status.

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