Raising a child on your own after divorce

Ending a marriage can bring up a lot of different concerns, from financial worries to emotional problems. Those who have kids often have a particularly tough time during their divorce and in the months following the breakup. For example, many parents have a particularly hard time due to child custody issues, especially if a dispute over how custody should be awarded comes up. Even when a parent secures a favorable outcome with regard to a custody dispute, they may have a hard time raising a child on their own for various reasons.

From buying school supplies to paying for medical care, there are countless expenses that parents are often responsible for. Often, custodial parents are supposed to receive financial support from their child’s other parent in the form of child support or alimony. However, non-custodial parents do not always fulfill their obligations (whether they are bitter or cannot afford to make payments), which can make the financial burdens associated with raising a child especially hard for a custodial parent to work through.

On top of this, some parents who have full custody or shared custody of their child may have difficulty making adjustments to their schedule or finding someone to help take care of their child when they are away (for work or other reasons). It can be very tough for parents to get used to the changes that come with raising a child without the help of the other parent, but custodial parents can focus on a variety of strategies that may be necessary (such as reaching out to the other parent or child support enforcement).

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