High asset divorce: How women can secure financial security

Popular media likes to portray divorcing women in a single light. Women are often shown viciously going after ex-spouses for money, desperate to squeeze out every last nickel and dime for their own advantages. In reality, this is very rarely the case. When facing a high asset divorce, the average California woman just wants to be certain of her financial security.

Despite the desire to be financially secure, many women do not take the necessary steps to protect their futures. This includes having a firm understanding of current finances. For example, a woman might want to familiarize herself with the household finances, including household income, outgoing bills, debts, investments and more. If a person only understands one or two facets of the household finances, he or she will not be fully equipped to make informed decisions during property discussions.

Having a full picture of household finances does not mean that a woman will walk away with an enormous payout and lifelong alimony. Instead, it can help empower her to make decisions that are in her best interests. One important decision that many women overlook is securing an emergency fund. While having six months of living expenses is preferable, having enough savings to handle a $1,000 emergency is a sensible baseline.

While a person might be eager to investigate household finances either before or during a divorce, it is not easy to become a financial expert overnight. Understanding the type of complex investments that are often present in a high asset divorce often requires the experienced eye of someone who is knowledgeable in such matters. As such, many women in California find it helpful to speak with an attorney early on in the process or even prior to filing for divorce.

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