Vacation tips for divorced parents

The summer is here and kids across the nation are ready for a fun-filled three months away from class. But, if you’re a divorced parent, you know that taking a vacation with the kids can be a challenge.

Here are a few ways to go on a fun, affordable and manageable vacation as a single parent.

Bring family

In between work, school, parent time and extra curriculars, it may be challenging to find an opportunity for your children to spend time with your side of the family. By planning a vacation with them, you’ll improve these relationships while also gaining the comfort of having a helping hand who you trust.

Try to plan lots of activities ahead to make sure adults, teens and children coming along for the trip can all be entertained together.

Book directly after planning

While this may be a given, it’s important to remember that both planning and booking in advance can be a challenge. In addition to making sure the vacation works out within your custody plan, you’ll also need to be saved up for travel and lodging expenses.

A plan that’s not booked in advance will fall apart just the same as a booking that’s not schedule-approved first. Try to do these things in tandem and well before the vacation. Remember that if your ex is difficult to work with, you may need plan time to discuss the vacation with custody courts.

Create new experiences

As a divorced parent, your custody plan may not allow you to see your child as often as you might like. But, what’s more important than the amount of time you spend with your child is how that time is spent.

While planning a vacation, think of your child’s interests and how you can relate them to new experiences he or she will enjoy. If your children are able to try and enjoy things they’ve never done before, the vacation will make a larger impact on them and on you.

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