Your 2nd divorce can be complicated, but not impossible

It is not uncommon for people in California to remarry after previously ending an unhappy marriage. However, this means that some people will eventually go on to divorce for a second or even a third time. While no two couples or divorces are alike, people who are divorcing for the second rather than the first time will encounter some unique challenges.

There is no denying that divorce can have an impact on a person’s finances. This means that even if a second divorce comes many years later when a person has had the opportunity to accumulate many more assets, he or she could still feel the impact from the first divorce during the second one. This includes things like still paying spousal or child support from a first divorce. Retirement assets that were previously split could also shrink even smaller.

Children can also make those second or third divorces more complicated. Not only does a parent need to consider having to possibly pay two different child support amounts to two different ex-spouses, custody can also be confusing. Parents have to determine whether overlapping custody schedules are in everyone’s best interests, or whether more one-on-one time with children from different marriages is best. Syncing up parenting schedules with multiple ex-spouses can also be difficult and time-consuming.

Deciding to file for divorce is not always easy. People in California may be worried about whether they are making the right decision or concerned over the financial impact of the process. These feelings are often amplified during a person’s second or third marriage. However, most people can come out on the other side of their first, second or even third divorces by not only maintaining a careful focus on details, but also by speaking with an experienced attorney when necessary.

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