A high asset divorce does not have to be litigious

While virtually all divorces have to go through the same processes of property division, figuring out alimony and even child custody agreements when applicable, some divorces are far more involved than others. In a high asset divorce, a couple in California will generally encounter more complicated assets that are difficult to divide. For some, things like reputation could also be a complicating factor. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with this type of situation.

A cohesive narrative can be surprisingly helpful for maintaining civility both inside and outside of the divorce. For example, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos released a joint statement with his ex-wife, novelist MacKenzie Bezos. Even if this joint statement regarding the divorce only came about after days or even weeks of arguing over its contents, it still accomplished its goal — setting a tone for civility. It also keeps friends and loved ones from choosing sides, which can fuel some people’s urges to right perceived wrongs or to “win” the divorce.

Staying civil and amicable can be important during a high asset divorce. Untangling complicated assets that are worth significant amounts of money can understandably make people emotional. After all, there is a lot on the line. However, going down the path of litigation right off the bat can be both costly and time-consuming, and both parties might come out on the other side unsatisfied with the process and the outcome.

Taking a more collaborative approach at least at first is often a good idea. However, California couples do not have to take on the brunt of the work by themselves. Working with a team of professionals who can properly value items and determine both future costs and returns is an important part of dealing with property during a high asset divorce.

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