Filing for divorce? Get your financial paperwork in order

From not getting an equal portion of marital assets to losing out on valuable time with kids, it may feel as if dozens of things under the family law umbrella can go wrong at the drop of a hat. However, divorce does not have to be one disaster after another until couples ultimately reach a dissatisfied end. By remaining vigilant, focused and aware of ongoing proceedings, California couples can generally reach the best possible conclusions.

In order to have a successful division of property, couples must first know what property they are dealing with. It is not enough for a person to think that they know how much is in a certain account or believe that an asset is not worth enough to divide. Individuals should start by gathering all relevant documents regarding their marital assets, including paperwork that shows account information and balances, earnings records, predicted future benefits, payments for homes and other major investments and much more.

Once a person understands just how much property is on the line, he or she can more easily approach the process of division. But is it enough to know how much an asset is worth in the present moment? Individuals should also consider the future in order to obtain a truly equal division. This means considering things like upkeep costs for homes, regular vehicle maintenance and taxes for larger assets.

It is generally much more difficult to untangle two lives than it was to put them together in the first place. From figuring out exactly which property is marital to dealing with tricky assets like property and retirement accounts, getting the details right may not always be easy. This does not mean it is impossible though, and many California couples successfully finalize their divorce processes.

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