Jeff Bezos in a high asset divorce without a prenup

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are about far more than simplifying the divorce process or opening up new lines of communication. A carefully crafted pre or postnup can protect a person’s assets, California business interests and far more. When it comes to dealing with a potentially high asset divorce, these protections can be essential for securing the best possible outcome.

Jeff Bezos might be most well-known as the CEO and founder of online retailer Amazon, but he has recently been in the headlines for his impending divorce. After 25 years of marriage to novelist MacKenzie Bezos, the couple are ready to end their marriage and move on separately with their lives. However, as the wealthiest man in the world, Jeff Bezos has quite a bit on the line, including much of his business interests.

Although Jeff Bezos did not go on to found Amazon until after he had already married, he still could have taken steps to protect himself. A postnuptial agreement would have been an excellent opportunity to establish protections for his business venture and to draw clear lines between separate and marital property. Simple steps such as these can limit the potential for serious conflict during divorce, making the process proceed more smoothly while also ensuring that both parties understand exactly to what they are entitled.

Dealing with large amounts of wealth during a divorce can be an incredibly difficult prospect. In a typical high asset divorce there is usually more to deal with than who gets the house or what to do with the marital furniture. Complex assets such as investments, business interests and more can make getting out on the other side feel like a monumental feat, so it is usually advisable for California divorcees to work with someone who is experienced in such matters.

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