Anna Faris and Chris Pratt reach agreement on child custody, more

Although Chris Pratt and Anna Faris might be most well-known to people in California for their roles in popular movies, they have been in the headlines more recently for their ongoing divorce. However, unlike many celebrity splits, the couple reached a settlement in a relatively quick and collaborative manner. Their settlement addresses important topics, such as alimony, child support and child custody.

Pratt and Faris filed for divorce back in Dec. 2017, at which time they cited irreconcilable differences. Less than a year later, their divorce is officially over. This may be due in part to their prenuptial agreement, which outlined how they would handle certain issues if they decided to end things.

Both actors waived their rights to receive alimony not just now, but at any time in the future. They also agreed to share joint physical custody and neither are paying child support. However, this does not mean that they are not financially supporting their son. The couple agreed to use a joint banking account to pay for their son’s regular, monthly expenses. Both Faris and Pratt will be responsible for depositing money into the account annually.

Answering complicated child support questions can be difficult when California parents choose to establish joint child custody. While support might be obvious when one parent earns more, it can be decidedly less so when both have about the same level of income. Some find success in utilizing a joint bank account, from which child-related expenses can be covered, but this is understandably not an appropriate choice for everyone. In most cases, parents can expect a judge to order one parent to pay support to the other.

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