A prenup can protect you during a high asset divorce

Prenuptial agreements are enjoying a bit of boom in popularity, and experts say there is one group to thank for that — millennials. As these young adults in California delay marriage in favor of dating for longer periods and advancing their careers, they have significantly more to protect. When thinking ahead, protecting themselves during a potentially high asset divorce is essential. 

According to the U.S. Census, the average age of marriage has risen by nearly two years for men and almost three years for women since 2005. And what are young adults doing with this extra time during their 20s when they are single? For many, advancing their careers. This often includes accumulating wealth through various approaches, including employee stock options, retirement savings, property and more. Potentially laying half of that on the line to say “I do” is a risky move, even if the relationship seems solid. 

Young adults not only have more to protect, they have more to protect themselves from. Millennials are weighed down by student loan debt, and marrying someone who is tens of thousands of dollars in debt can be a frightening prospect. A prenup can cover this, though, protecting each person from taking on the financial risk of their soon-to-be spouse’s creditors. 

Aside from protecting themselves and their property, millennials may simply be more jaded than past generations. Approximately one-third of this generation witnessed their parents’ divorces, and many want to simply be prepared to create the most successful marriage possible. Whether California couples are worried about the possibility of a high asset divorce or want to protect themselves from a partner’s debt, a carefully worded prenuptial agreement can help. 

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