When recovering from drugs, child custody is often at risk

Women who test positive for drugs while pregnant run the risk of their child being born addicted as well. Studies show that mothers who abuse drugs while pregnant and whose newborns test positive may have them removed from their care and taken into child custody. In California, experts claim that removing children from their mothers at any age can be traumatic and cause a lifetime of problems.

Statistics show that since 2011 children being born chemically addicted has quadrupled. The number entering foster care programs after being removed from family homes has also increased. Experts believe the increase is related to parental drug abuse, and social service groups are trying different strategies to reverse these trends.

Health officials are working to keep families intact as mothers move into treatment and recovery programs with one set goal already in place: retaining custody of their kids. They indicated that women often seize the opportunity to transform their lives after the birth of a child. Senior research associates are confident that mothers who can keep their children with them have a better chance of staying sober, which can potentially end the cycle of substance abuse.

The drug epidemic is a constant battle in California and other states. Children who are born addicted often suffer from learning disabilities, behavioral problems and depression. Those who have concerns about children who are exposed to drugs may benefit from contacting an attorney. A lawyer who is experienced in child custody cases can determine what approach to take that will be in the best interest of the child.

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