Reining in emotions can improve the outcome of a divorce

Divorce is not a game to be won or lost in California. Yet people may go into a divorce thinking that they want to ‘get the better deal.’ The reality is that there really is no better deal to be had and that both sides will have to make compromises. Regardless of how much is available in the assets column, those resources still have an end point that will have to be considered in divorce proceedings.

There is no denying that going through a divorce is an emotional time in a person’s life. Like other situations, acknowledging the emotions and dealing with them can be helpful. There is an acronym for this in divorce, SARA (shock – anger – resentment – acceptance). Recognizing that fact and identifying where one is on that spectrum can assist in dealing with the situation.

In approaching divorce negotiations, one should try and take as much emotion out of the equation as possible. Looking at issues with a logical, rather than emotional approach can be helpful. For example, though a person may have an emotional attachment to a family home, it may not make sense from a financial perspective to hang onto it. The more detachment a person can realize in planning for the future after divorce, the more successful that future is likely to be.

A person who is considering divorce in California may wish to consult a family law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can review one’s financial assets and liabilities and possibly advise his or her client on how to proceed or where to begin. An experienced lawyer can also bring an unemotional point of view to the situation and help his or her client to have a more detached view of the proceedings.

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