Money problems are often the source of divorce

The rate at which American couples end their marriages has been around 50 percent for decades, and studies show most divorces result from money problems. Some believe it is impossible to have a successful marriage when money issues are at the forefront of family problems. Studies show that couples in California who have money problems during a marriage often do not communicate about finances, and the problems often end in divorce.

Over 50 percent of couples have little or no savings, which adds to the financial stress in a marriage. There is no sense of security living paycheck to paycheck with no savings to cover unexpected expenses. Experts suggest starting small and creating an emergency fund with 2 percent of each paycheck and increasing that amount with raises. They recommend having three to six months of take-home pay in the event of a job loss or other emergency.

There are cases where one partner hides money from the other, which often leads to mistrust that spills over into other areas of the marriage. Many agree that spouses should have no secrets and that being open and honest helps to enrich the relationship. If this is not something couples can get past, they may benefit from contacting a marriage counselor for help.

Most couples want to invest in their marriages and will develop a plan to handle personal finances. Couples in California whose marriage is past the point of saving may consider consulting with a family law attorney. With the help of an experienced lawyer, an individual can evaluate his or her situation and proceed through the divorce process with confidence.

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