For rocker Slash, money is no object during a high asset divorce

For some, there is a burning desire to move on with their lives after a relationship ends. The desperate need to free themselves from their estranged spouse has them shelling out millions in a high asset divorce. In California, a member of a hard rock band has asked the courts to sign off on his divorce settlement that will leave his ex-wife very comfortable.

Slash, the lead guitarist for Guns n’ Roses, is ready to sign away over $6.6 million to be free of his wife of 17 years. He has agreed to pay $100,000 for spousal support that will continue for the rest of her natural life or until she remarries. The music icon first filed for divorce in 2014, but he never followed through, even after accusations of bigamy against his wife surfaced in 2016.

The rocker has also agreed to monthly child support of $39,000 for his two sons, ages 15 and 13. The boys will also collect 1.8 percent of all income earned by him until 2036. His wife will have primary custody of their sons, but documents state Slash will have joint legal custody. With a reported income of $345,000, Slash has agreed to all terms and would like to see the divorce finalized as quickly as possible.

Many factors need to be considered during a divorce where large amounts of money, property and other assets are at stake. In California, those with substantial wealth may be best served by consulting with an attorney. A lawyer who has experience settling high asset divorce cases can represent his or her client to negotiate a fair settlement.

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