Matt Lauer’s high asset divorce is imminent

Five months after being fired for sexual misconduct, a former television anchor is now living apart from his wife and children. Sources say he has moved out of the family home in the Hamptons and is living in a house nearby as divorce talks begin. In California and other states, a high asset divorce such as this can be a complicated and challenging process.

Matt Lauer, the former Today Show co-host, is isolating himself away from the life he once knew in New York. His wife of 20 years, Annette Roque is angry and embarrassed over his behavior, and has moved forward with divorce proceedings. They are moving slowly with the proceedings and taking it day-by-day to protect their three children, two boys ages 16 and 11, and a girl who is 14. Roque’s goal is to make sure that the children’s future is protected.

The couple recently put their 11-bedroom apartment in Manhattan on the market and have retreated to the Hamptons. Former co-workers who still talk to him say his priority is his family above all else, but Lauer holds out little hope in reconciling with his wife and has deep regrets about how his actions and behavior have affected his family. The couple only speaks during divorce negotiations and are now leading separate lives.

In California and elsewhere, a high asset divorce involving substantial assets can be complex. Identifying and valuing assets is one of the biggest challenges that will require the skill and knowledge of high asset attorney. A well-seasoned lawyer can reduce the risk of costly financial errors for fair asset distribution.

Source:, “Matt Lauer Continues To Spiral As Annette Roque Prepares For Divorce”, Suzy Kerr, May 4, 2108

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