Some guidelines for social media use in a divorce

When going through a divorce, many people rely on a support system of friends and family. Airing your grievances to a friendly ear can be very helpful in sorting out your emotions—as long as you are doing it in private, and not on social media.

Very few people think about the implications of publishing details about their divorce on social media. The brief satisfaction of publicly airing your grievances is rarely worth the potential consequences. When it comes to posting about a divorce, it is a good idea to adhere to a few social media guidelines.

If you can’t say something nice…

…don’t say anything at all. Posting things about your divorce on social media may come back to bite you during a trial—especially if what you say is not particularly kind. Your spouse could use it as ammunition against you in court, since judges typically do not look kindly on spouses who insult their exes online. Not to mention, you could be at risk of a libel suit if you post comments that are false or defamatory.

Don’t let the world know your location

Most social media platforms allow users to “check in” from their current location. But if you have an order of protection against your ex or you fear that they may harass you or become violent, this could be a big problem. Use caution to prevent your ex from identifying your location through social media. Even if you do not “check in,” the photos that you post could give clues to your location. Your friends may also tag you in photos without your knowledge or permission.

Maintain healthy boundaries

As the old cliché goes, keep your friends close and your Facebook friends closer. Take particular care if your social media circle overlaps with your ex’s, or if your friends online are acquainted with your ex in real life. Be aware that anything you post online may spread through word of mouth and get back to your ex. Either set your posts to private, or avoid posting entirely.

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