Child custody, co-parenting and divorce

Planning for a family’s future after divorce and learning how to parent between two households can be a daunting experience. Trying to schedule visitation with children can be like running an obstacle course, particularly when communication between the parents is tense. Whether a parent is seeking a visitation schedule or full custody, know what is needed from the divorce for the children. In California and in other states, dads are playing a more active role in child custody and co-parenting.

A solid parenting plan is one that takes the needs of the children and their best interests first. When the ink dries on the divorce papers, those decisions become part of everyday life. The years spent co-parenting may be miserable if a parenting plan is not in place well in advance. Expect changes to occur in the plan and allow for flexibility with life changes as the children mature and grow.

Determine how both sides will communicate on an ongoing basis regarding school events, doctor visits, holidays and birthdays. Know what works well for both parents work schedules and the children’s needs. When devising a parenting plan, make sure it is realistic and fits everybody’s needs.

Relationships with children should be about spending quality time and making memories, and experts agree that children need both parents to thrive. In California, child custody and parenting plans can make for a successful co-parenting experience. Each party will typically benefit by relying upon the advice and support of a savvy family law attorney. 

Source:, “You’re Divorcing Your Wife, Not Your Kids: Tips for Child Custody, Visitation and Co-Parenting”, Audrey Silcox, Oct. 29, 2017

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