What’s best for preschoolers when it comes to child custody?

What parent doesn’t want the best for their child especially during a divorce? California parents these days are looking to do the right thing for their children during child custody negotiations. One university study has parents leaning more towards 50-50 joint physical custody then ever before.

Research has shown in a study of 3,656 preschool children from ages three to five whose time is divided between both parents’ homes is less likely to have behavioral problems. This research suggests alternating the time between each parent as evenly as possible. This information from the study claims that fewer psychological problems occur with children in joint physical custody households.

Previous studies were based on school age and older children fairing better than younger ones in joint physical custody situations, claiming that it was unsuitable for younger children because of the need for stability and also the need for continuity. Parents and preschool teachers, along with assessments like the “Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire,” agree that joint physical custody children have fewer difficulties. This type of study on children’s health carries considerable weight. 

It is safe to say that no two cases are alike — especially when it comes to children. Each individual child custody case will require special knowledge of the children’s family situation prior to the parents being separated. California parents who are struggling with child custody issues may benefit from the advice of a family law attorney who will be able to advise them on the best choices for their family.

Source: psychcentral.com, “50-50 Joint Custody May Be Best For Preschool Kids of Divorce”, Janice Wood, Sept. 9, 2017

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